Patricia C. Baxter (she/her) is an autistic writer and independent researcher, whose research examines representation and identity in media.  Specifically focusing on animation, comic books, and video games as these forms of media are  her passion, and because they present unique forms of storytelling.

She incorporates a critical approach to media based on feminist theory and social justice practices.  She strongly believes in the importance of diversity in media, and in allowing marginalized creators to be able to write and create their own stories.

Aside from her focus on media, she is very unapologetically on the autistic spectrum and finds it important for those on the spectrum to share their experiences.  The majority of her writings focus on how being autistic has informed her perception and enjoyment of various pieces of media.

Her writings can be found at I Need Diverse Games, Anime FeministAnime Herald, GUTSTake This, and FemHype.

Patricia Baxter's Autistic Observations