What is this blog?

“Autistic Observations” is a blog created and maintained by me, Patricia Baxter, as a space to share my thoughts and writings on a variety of topics that interest me.

Why “Autistic Observations?”

Basically, because I am autistic, and I have made several observations about the world around me.  As a result, topics from an autistic point-of-view, either about autism specifically or other overlapping subjects, will be one of the primary focuses of this blog

What kind of topics will be discussed here?

Aside from the above-stated focus on autistic experiences, this blog will primarily focus on examining pieces of media.  More specifically it will examine animation, comic books, and video games, but there will also be a focus on other forms of media too.  This will include highlights of works that I feel deserve more attention, analyses of media, and any other general observations I have noticed.


Patricia Baxter's Autistic Observations