Hello and welcome to Autistic Observations! My name is Patricia Baxter and I am an independent writer, researcher, and media critic.  My writing has been published on various different sites, including I Need Diverse Games, Anime Feminist, FemHype, Take This, and GUTS Magazine. While I still wish to continue to write for websites and publications there are some occasions where the work I wish to publish does not fit their criteria, due to niche personal interests and topics, or because the piece is more casual than the standard essay format. For these reasons I have decided to create Autistic Observations, as a space for me to write out my thoughts and feelings on a number of topics that I feel cannot be properly expressed elsewhere.

If you are new to my writing let me tell you a bit about me and my interests. I am an autistic bisexual woman, who identifies as a feminist, social justice advocate, and geek. As such you can expect to find a number of writings based on my personal experiences with a focus on one or more aspects of my identity, or an examination into various social problems that I feel need addressing. I am very passionate about researching and discussing topics regarding representation in media, specifically in terms of animation, comic books, and video games, so posts discussing these topics will also be extremely common.

Thank you for checking out this blog; I hope you find the content here interesting and informative.

Patricia Baxter's Autistic Observations